Intro: I am a young teenager living in Bangalore, India. I am a Punjabi. No, not a sardar! I don’t know why people think of only sardars when i say Punjabi. Not all Punjabis are sardars. I know they look cute with their turbans, but i can’t help if I ain’t one.

I am from Bangalore, the Silicon city of India. And my heart tells me that maybe some day I’ll be in California, the Silicon Valley. I really enjoy technology and gadgets. I cannot live without it even for a minute, believe it or not I am a gadget freak.

Apple is my personal and all time favorite. And I enjoy each and every product they make. I have watched all the recent Apple product launches and Conferences. Because these products are very costly, right now I cannot afford all the apple products, so have to just satisfy myself with the small-portable ones like iPod. But I have promised to myself that every computer I buy in the future will be a Mac, every tablet an iPad, every music player an iPod and every phone an iPhone.

Apple - The iPhone

Food: I am a vegetarian(eggetarian to be precise). I love vegetarian food, but not vegetables. Sad right? However, give me all the junk(food) in the world and I’ll consume it. Pizza is one…

Pizza - Delicious

Delicious Pizza

Views: I believe that every human deserves equal rights. I do not believe in discrimination on the basis of religion, country, race or sex and highly oppose it. I support the cause of equality.

I do believe in God. He is the supreme entity that guides, protects and helps us in the times of need.

Personalities: As i have earlier stated that I love apple and every product they make. But who is the father of all these products? Steve Jobs. He is the man behind the smartest gadgets. Infact, if we go back in time, we realize that he was the one who launched the world’s first intelligent computer the Apple I. His company apple was the creator of smarter music players the iPods, smartest phones the iPhones and the best tablet computers the iPads. I respect him for his work and will always continue to do it as a technology-lover and user.


Steve Jobs

Facebook, something that everyone today uses was created by this great personality during his college days in Harvard. Yes, its none other than Mark Zuckerburg. After the grand success of his site he dropped out of Harvard. Continued to bring out the improvements and made facebook what it is today. He also became the world’s youngest Billionaire.

Mark Zuckerburg

Music: I love the music by Katy Perry and Akon. I am a big fan of theirs and often listen their music. I also love Bollywood songs and have good collection. Linkin Park and Metallica are the bands whose songs I listen.

Movies: I love thriller, action and sci-fi movies. Comedy and Romance are my second favorites. I cannot bear Horror movies and hate ’em. Leonardo DiCaprio and Jessica Alba are my Hollywood favorites. Whereas Hritik Roshan and Katrina Kaif are my Bollywood favorites. Inception and Social Network are two of the best movies I have ever seen.

Sportspeople: In cricket Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar whose birthday is on the same date as mine(24th Apr) is a legend. However, my favorite is Mahendra Singh Dhoni. This man has done so many things that the previous captains could have never even imagined.

Football is my most favorite game. Lionel Messi, who is currently the best might be the best player. But as a personality my favorites are David Beckham and Christiano Ronaldo.


David Beckham

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