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The whole country is obsessed with IITs. Parents are spending their hard earned money. Coaching institutes are earning in millions. And what’s the result? Every year about 5 lakh students appear for the JEE (Joint entrance exam) conducted by the IITs. Only about 2% of the students get selected for the IITs. There are only 10k seats in the country, out of which about 50% are reserved(Remember: I live in India) so we are left with only 5,000 seats.

BASE is one of the most prestigious coaching institutes in Bangalore. What is their speciality? IIT? Yes! Like thousands of other coaching institutes even they claim to get people into IIT.

Every year more students from BASE qualify into IITs than all the other institutes in Karnataka put together. ~ Claims BASE

I went to the ‘FSnt’ course at BASE this year. The experience was regretful. The teachers are estimable. The books and digital educational content is out-dated. The staff is irresponsive and regardless. Books don’t reach the centres on time. And the biggest problem: They try to care a lot about the students in front of the parents, they complain for every small thing, anticipate counselling! Can coaching take the place of school? It obviously can’t, but that’s what BASE has been trying to do.

The incident:

Once, i was unable to attend a class (it was fixed at a different time than always) which was not by my mistake. The class i had missed was on Saturday, a friend told me that some course material was also provided during the class.

So i called BASE on the next day, somebody picked up the call and asked me to come the next day(Monday). I had a class at BASE on Monday, and after class when i went to collect the book some staff members told me that the coordinator had left so they couldn’t give the book. They asked me to come again the next day.

I went again the next day, they staff members informed me that the coordinator was on leave. “What the hell?” I thought in mind. “I have been trying to get the book for the past 3 days” i told every person in could find in the office. One guy was co-operative and was about to give me the book when some other lady called him and told something, after which even that guy stopped responding. I was wild, but couldn’t do anything.

I went again the next day. I could see the coordinator, i felt a sigh of relief. I talked to her and she agreed to give me the book. But before giving the book she asked me, “Are you the one who came yesterday?” “YES” i told. She told me that she couldn’t give me the book. Why?

Reason: I behaved in a bad way with the staff members.

The truth: I was ignored, nobody cared to give me the book, i was trying to get the book from past 5 days.

She said that the branch manager wanted to speak to my parents, i firmly told her that, that would not be possible so i will myself speak to him. He wasn’t at the centre that time, she called him, he was busy and said that would call back in 5 minutes. I waited for another 30 minutes. Nobody called back. I hated these guys. I couldn’t bear it anymore… I told her that i didn’t want the book and left. On reaching home i recollected all that had happened and realized how unjustly domineering the world had become. Beware.


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