SRK, Ra.One and all the big marketing

Shahrukh Khan at the Zee Carnival in Sun Tech ...

On 26th Oct Shahrukh Khan released his dream project Ra.One which got a wide variety of responses from a wide variety of people.

Even before releasing his film he had been doing a wide variety of promotions: The long-long ads in the IPL season, with McDonald’s, with Godrej and in that mall near you!

Dream project? This is the time when the actors are very vulnerable 😛

Remember Salman Khan’s dream project? Yes, Veer! The super-flop! Atleast in terms of comparison of ‘Dream project’ its Shahrukh who’s done it.

Ra.One’s 1st week collections were 103 crores (1 crore=10 million) compared to 111 of Bodyguard’s. It’s ok. It’s not always about the number game and  both the films were of different genres.

Are you the one who talks about the number game? Then read: On the 2nd day(27th Oct) Ra.One made 25 crores (1 crore=10 million). Highest ever in a single day in the history of Indian cinema.

I am a huge SRK fan. I love everything about him, from his style to k-k-kk-kiran. He is the best, whether it comes to marketing or acting!


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