Out2Learn is located on Kanakpura Road, ~30Km from Bangalore city. I loved this trip. We(our troupe) reached their at around 8:00 AM. And steamy hot south Indian breakfast was provided. Then we went trekking on a nearby hill. And after trekking instead of descending the whole  course down, we settled for rappelling. This was the best part of the trip. And was quite a lot of fun.


After all of us had descended, we went back to the cottage. They had already organised team activities so we performed those for another hour, followed by lunch.

After lunch we did something fun. A preset adventure consisting of 9 activities. I sucked badly at 2 of those. It’s OK! It was fun.

After this we were made to play tug of war. And at last the dirtiest and best activity. To find potatoes in a small pond of muddy water.

It was time to say goodbye. And so we all did. I’ll never forget this fun-filled day of my life.



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