S#!t Happens

606 Words of fun. Hilarious and interesting story.

The day was as good as any other in the beginning. But it turned out to be a nightmare as the time passed by.

Firstly i fell in the ground while playing. I was not just slightly injured. Thanks to the facility of having a Doctor at school, I got a quick First Aid.

The small hurdle hadn’t created much of a chaos.

After the school I boarded the Public transit to get home like any other day. Nothing wrong in that right? It’s only after reaching home I realized that something had gone wrong. I had forgotten my wallet in the bus. It wasn’t just any wallet that normal teenagers of my age carry. It was a Wildcraft. Moreover it had valuables like :

  • 4 cards including 2 Debit cards (with 5K~7K in them)
  • A simcard (which could be exploited badly)
  • Some cash
  • Some other personal things

This made me instantly decide that i am going to try to get the bus. So i threw my bag, grabbed my phone and went on to the Mission.

There was a good chance i could get the buses as these buses are generally slow and waste time by stopping every now and then at some stop. Also my wallet would be safe because the bus was quite empty with a very few heads in it.

It was a good and speedy start. But after covering around 5 kms I realised that some big trouble was waiting for me. After giving 3-4 jerks the vehicle stopped. When I tried to start it again, it didn’t. I tried calling for help, but then a computerised female voice said, “You do not have enough credit balance to make this call”. I then remembered that the day before i had called many friends for a total of around 3-4 hours. And obviously i had no money because my wallet had been stolen. Awww…..crap. No money, no fuel, no balance and big trouble.

But luckily i had free messages, so i sent a text to my mother, “Call me. Urgent.” Luckily she immediately called me. I told her what had happened. She reminded me that i had BASE class at 5.30. Another crappy complication. I saw the time, it was already 5.20, i parked my vehicle on one side and thought of what to do next?

I was standing at a place from where my BASE centre was ~3kms but on the same straight road.

On the other side of the road i saw a known figure, in a hurry i crossed the road. After looking precisely i realised it was no one known, but i asked the guy where he was going. Yes, base fell on the way to where he was going. He looked educated and agreed to help me. I reached base at 5.35 and attended the 2 hour class.

I had borrowed 50 bucks from a friend. I took a bus to the place where i had left my vehicle. After reaching and enquiring i found out that the nearest petrol bunk was only near Mantri square, which was further 1km away. No other option was left. I walked to and fro to the filling station and took fuel in a plastic bottle and comfortably reached home. By then the time was 9pm already.

After dinner my dad told me that he had got a special call from someone. It was a security guard. The call had come from my number. That person had my wallet and wanted to return it. So he inserted the sim and called the number saved as “Dad”, May god bless him. Now i have my wallet.


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